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Birthdate:Apr 10
So it seems you've stumbled upon my journal. There's not much I can actually say but Welcome to the Pit. What you'll see here is the whines, rants and casual emo-ing of a 23 year old girl that is in love with sparkly and guei JE boys, specially Kamenashi Kazuya. I'm open to new friends, so take a look around and see if I'm interesting enough to be friended.

Kamenashi Kazuya owns my . (Master owns my soul and Gackt and Jin can have my body. If they want it. Just saying XP)
The reason why I'm in fandom is AKAME , so if you bash this pairing I don't think we'll get along, which doesn't mean I can't be friends with people that ship other pairings, only that I don't like bashers.
.more stuff.
Respect is the path to a succesful frienship =D
I am Mexican girl graduated Lawyer, but not really a practitioner. Yet.
I'm a walking controversy and pretty much random.
I'm socially awkward and pretty introverted.
I appreciate sarcasm, irony, dark humor and cynicism, but also love fluff, happily ever afters, romantic clich├ęs and all kinds of adorableness.
I am nice most of the time and don't bite. If you don't want me to ;)
I love crack and dorky-ness, which would explain my love for the K, the A, the T, the T, the U, and the N.
I love fic. In humongous quantities.
I also love music. Actually, believe it or not, I got into JE for the music, but stayed for the sparkly guei =D
So, if you want me to add you as a friend, please come here and say hello. Let's be friends, ne =D

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