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so, i don't really want to update about myself a the moment, but i need somewhere to put some links before i delete opera from my pc. is just really slowing down my  pc, so say good bye.

also, don't you all love when is kame or jin's birthdays? because, fuck, so many pretty and shinny and akame things. here some examples:

the awesome kame love post that kills your bandwidth 

so many shinnies, really ~*_____________________*~

we also have banner proclaiming our kame love

we also got icons, lots and lots of awesome kame icons. jashduasdqwk, why do i only have space for 15? why, jennipher, whyyyyyyyy? T____________T    and let's not forget the gifts.

in the akame corner, we also got lovely akame copy-cat fashion

so. um, none of this post were made by me, but by awesome kame fans to which i owe my constant kame feed. i'm only putting up link here for prosperity. good night

p.s. ashi, i owe an explanation or comment or answer. my next post will hopefully answer your inquiries. thank you for worrying about me, you are a lovely lovely person. also, even if you see me offline on ym, try to contact me, i might be ninja!online, trying to not be found by some people i can't find in myself to block from rl
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 you'd think after two years of doing this i'll have something prepared for it. a fic, a graphic, a poem, a quot, a song, something. but alas, life tends to suck the, well, life outta me.

i actually don't know how you manage so much in so little time. it leaves me in awe how amazing you are, you're hard working character, your smile, how you've become so comfortable in your own skin. there's really lots of things to learn from you.

happy birthday, Kamenashi Kazuya. i say this every year, but i really hope you have a long and enjoyable life, which i'm sure you will, because you're you, and that's reason enough for me to love you, thank you for existing
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though i should.

so, was watching this vid. 2005, akame. good vintage XP

and then, you see, after how hin and kame hold pinkies, hoe they're the first to separate, and how kame does pointedly not look back at jin, though jin kept watching him walk away. makes one go aww.

and because jin talking about kame makes me always go doki-doki, here:

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instead i bring 1582 kame pics that shallowsleep shared on twitter and made us pronounce ourselves as ridiculous kametards. never have i felt more proud to be called that =D


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