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bad mean reviews

i have a dilemma.

i joined an ARC group and i received this book called the phantom light : a phantoms novella and now i have to review it before june 12th but the thing is, i did not like this book. how honest should i be when reviewing it? the ARC group is supposed to give it exposure, but i feel mean when i think what this book made me feel.

here's what i got so far for the review and any help will be welcome into making it sound less mean, because i am actually going to give it 2 stars on goodreads.

"i received this book as an ARC copy for my honest review.

 written in 1st pov, we embark into valerie's very confusing journey to choose wether she, as a newly minted spirit, decides to move onto the after life or stay in the cold, grey world she finds herself awakening after dying in a car crash (this in a misguided attempt to convince her little sister it was not her fault she's dead).

 the protagonist is a teenager and it shows, especially since after maybe accepting she's dead, valerie can't help but keep pointing out how hot is the grim reaper chosen to guide her spirit or how she keeps saying everything she ever does, is because how stubborn everyone in her life has told her she is.

 i actually think it'd be interesting to read after you met the characters in the main story, learning about the origins of a character you've already fallen in love with, but as a stand alone or to read before the first novel, it feels pretty lacking.

 though it has an interesting premise, it doesn't deliver, wether it is because how annoyingly repetitive valerie's voice is or that it really has no plot, i don't know."