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When you think everything is lost, if something of what you misplaced and was yours comes back, it feels like what you got back is worth a thousand times more of  what you lost.

Monotony. This is your life, a bunch of activities organized into a schedule that repeats day after fay. Nothing new, nothing exciting, nada de ná. Not since that person had left, taking with him everything he had ever owned.
The ringing of the bell announces insistently the presence of someone on the other side of the door and he gets up mechanically to go and open it. If that horrendous sound kept on ringing it would cause him a migraine. Usually, his guests understood they weren't welcomed once he closed the door in their faces.

Once he removed the locks the door opened with a bang and he closed his eyes tightly waiting for the impact. The next thing he knew is that he was on his back in the floor, a familiar weight on his chest and abdomen, an incessant buzz on his ears that after a moment became words (incoherent words, but words all the same).

Only when he heard the ever present monotone silence, he dared to open his eyes.

"Ara? Are you crying? Did I hurt you?"

A deep rumble began in his chest, traveled from his throat, past his lips until it became an hybrid between a laugh and a sob as he clung tightly to the neck of the person sitting on his thighs.

idk why when i write kame he always ends up kinda crying and sakdjqiojew. kame gets outta control in my fics and argh. either way. will post another one tomorrow. hopefully it'll be better


May. 10th, 2010 09:53 am
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sometimes i think my writing was better before, so here, some samples translated from spanish since i wanna trash all the old papers in my room now that summer hotness is smoldering me. and not in a good je way.

1. The poem
Sometimes the pain is carved too deep.
No one knows what to do or how to do it,
but in spite of everything, they just wait.
They hope not having to face that pain,
even though that pain is theirs
they rather ignore it.
Forget that they ever felt it,
they give it their back and abandon it
even when their tears beg them to look back.
they just leave, step by step they go away.
And in time they forget they felt it once.
Forget that it was theirs and it hurt them.
Forget to keep on living.
And when they think that it doesn't matter anymore,
when the think they can't feel it anymore,
when the tears have already dried,
they look back only to see the blood their wounds have spilled.
But the blood is still fresh,
the wound keeps on bleeding
and the tears begin anew,
the pain is felt once again
and sometimes even stronger.
because when they tried to bury that pain
they just carved the wounds deeper.

3. The song (or i don't even remember the tune anymore)
Play for me
I remember that first melody
how it became a caress to my damaged soul.
It meant love, someone said, and I lost control.
I didn't want you to love me but I revealed in it.

I remember the second one. my sadness and your pain,
the way your tears became mine
and how I just run away.
You threw the illusion that kept me going,
but even so...

I'll sing for you to play for me
I promise I'll do anything you ask of me.
So please, play for me to sing for you.
'Cause even if I don't believe in happily ever after
we'll still have this moment
                    Promise you'll play for me
There's something to say about hope.
It's the most cruelest of feelings I've ever known.
But still, it'll shred me to pieces iif i ever lose it.
                   So play for me.

I'm aware we haven't known each other for long
but I can't let you forget me already.
So long I have thought this time will last forever.
That is already enough

That's why I'll sing for you

'Cause even if I don't accept it I'm yours
more than I'm willing to admit, so...

Please, play for me to sing for you
I beg you, don't ever love anyone else
because I'm selfish like that

And tomorrow I will sing.
And tomorrow you will play.
To fill again a sleepless night.
To overcome another end

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Title: Everybody loves an accident
Pairing : nishikato
Notes: I tweaked the lyrics to fit the story, so I hope is not considered copyright infringement or something. THIS IS NOT A SONGFIC. Just saying.
Summary: Ryo, the wannabe rockstar, works in a dive. Where he meets this jaded, sarcastic and love-is-a-waste-of-time college student, Shige. Angst ensues and so, Ryo writes him a song. Then ...

Rewind )
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so, anyway, this is gonna be rushed.

ask a question and i'll answer in drabble form. think you already know my fic prowess (read = lack of), but i kinda want to write something, however little. let's see how this pawns out.

wish me luck
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aka ::gasp:: after almost a year, i finally update. is anyone following this fic any way?

title: how to let go
disclaimer: i own nothing

step two: Stand Up!

part b )
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tittle: love is as simple as flowers
fandom: nobuta wo produce
pairing: nobuta/akira, shuuji/mariko (companion)
length: 2371

Nobuta likes flowers, especially little ones. That's a known fact. But Nobuta loves Akira. It's as simple as that. )


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i wrote this for[ profile] hilaryscribbles a little while ago and as i'm still battling to death with how to let go... also because this is my first finished akame fic, so, enjoy?

at the end of the rainbow




it's a joke, ok? some of my friends on LA saw some pics of you and me on internet when they discovered i was kinda famous on japan and thought it'd be funny to send you something. they got me one, too )


ok, so unbeta-ed and all that- editz, please? also comments, because i need something to boost my ego at the moment
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you know, when i thought "i'm writing a monster" i never thought the chapters will be like little monsters too. i haven't finished step tewo, but it's already 8 pages long. i thought that if anyway i was gonna have to split it i may as well do it now, so here it is:

Title: How to let go
Genre: ... a lot, actually
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't I wish they were mine?

Step two. Stand up



part a )
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Title: How to le go.
Genre: Inclined to angst
Pairing: Akira/Nobuta, Shuuji/Nobuta, Akira/Tsurara, Shuuji/Mariko, Kurosaki/Tsurara (all of this eventually)
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Written for entertainment, not for profit.
step one. learn how to cope )
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So, I tend to come back to this story quite a lot. Once I began reading it, I can't stop myself.
So, I'm re-posting this again in my quest at journal edition
Last time though I didn't say anything about this piece. The en of  "The meaning of a smile" with double angst to top it.
To Black Star, may you all find the happiness you gave me with your presence.

Nameless )


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Title: Crying out

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Kurosaki/Tsurara, Tsurara/Rui

Rating: PG?

Disclaimer: Written for entertainment, not for profit.

This is a remix of a fanfic written by the everwonderful [info]walkwithheroes so go over her journal to read "Echoes" and give reviews, ok?        



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Title: How to le go.

Genre: Inclined to angst

Pairing: Akira/Nobuta, Shuuji/Nobuta, Akira/Tsurara, Shuuji/Mariko, Kurosaki/Tsurara (all of this eventually)

Rating: PG?

Disclaimer: Written for entertainment, not for profit.


prologue )


Oct. 6th, 2006 02:48 pm
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I feel... well I don't know, I've been finsishing more stories tna in the last couple years, so...
Well, this is the edited "The meaning of a smile", hope you enjoy it...
If you read it ofcourse.

The meaning of a smile

His name )

Her name )


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