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.... or how it took me three tries to write friends instead of fiends D:

either way, in the spirit of hiatus i'm totally forsaking for the sake of, well, boredom, does people remember my excited tweets/post about renting a box at the post office for international mail i was so gonna get? well, thanks to the fucking up my dear computer decided to throw at me i forgot to mention that as i am currently saving to buy a new one, the renting of the box is getting delayed.

which means, i won't have money or time till next year for that awesome plan i was cracking up.

so currently i'm poor and overworked but getting now paid OH GOD, FUCK YEAH \O/ I AM HAPPY YAY

so er, to those who wait for mail from me, please be patient. i promise to send those letter by new year, i aswear. in the meantime, i'm still recollecting addresses, so please pm me those who want mail from me.

that said, i am sorry to making all of those who gave their addresses wait   m(_ _)m

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Your rainbow is shaded black.


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