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today i got called into the office because students have commented i don't teach them well, though they didn't say anything about no studying. how do they even expect to learn english with only two hours per week? that's stupid.

either way, no, the reason for this post is not about my bitching. idc all that much if i get fired atm, students are an unreasonable buch of idiots who want to pass without studying (no offense to those on my flist who are hardworking students).

the real reason though is my absolute need for akame podfic. now that i think about it, i'm almost sure i saw a link to podfic in one fic one upon a time, but for the life of me i can't find it and i'm all emo about it because I.REALLY.WANT.IT.

though, if i'm being delusional and just spluttering nonsense, i humbly ask from my lovely, awesome, akame filled flist to please, please, please, please be a kind soul and if you find it in your heart to spare some time, could you possibly maybe probably record for me (and all the akame community) some fic? pretty please with a cherry on top? ::insert puppy jin eyes::


there was something else i wanted to say but idr what it was, so..... how was your day? busy? tell me something about you guys, i don't really know much about all of you, but i'm trying. and failing. b-but what counts is the intention?
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so, last week i finally watched spirit. you know, the dreamworks movie told from a horse's point of view. i could only think about how much spirit reminded me of jin.and how rain was kame and how the indian, little creek, was so yamapi and of course the colonel would be johnny, only hotter and younger and taller and maybe it couldn't be johnny after all. but all stories need a villain.

i also was all, oijdjuewkj, i'm a deranged akame fangirl, why jennipher, why? T_______________T but couldn't stop casting je boys as horses/indians/cadets. specially since i could only think about how much i wanted that je!spirit fic with jin starring as a horse, and guys, it would be perfect. perfect i tell you.


in other news, yay, week off! \o/ and just because i can YAY, ASHI'S FIC IS AWESOME! \o/

not really much to say, really. just wanted to update because i want to make myself write again. i haven't begun writing on my notebook. i want to wait until april to begin as to have a sense of time, since i don't really like to put dates on my entries. i'm weird like that, must explain why my room is always a disaster, but i'm all bleh right now. ::looks around at the mess and cringes at thinking she has to clean. someday. preferably soon, but not now::

how's everyone doing, btw? i'm waiting impatiently for blue-orbs to update In his care. so want it now. i'm gonna take my pc to fix. well, the other one. and i want a net book, but must save money for it. i have only half of it.kjsdioqw, why so expensive?

and as i am random, have you read this? i'm kinda miffed about it. not because of kame being likely a homosexual, but because of kusano and that josh guy's dickness. i want to smack them real hard, dunno why.

thinking about that, i've discovered i'm freakishly attracted to gay men, which does not spells a good outlook in my relationship, but i can't help it guys! ::whines:: i mean, let's take a looks at my most favorite singers in the entire world.

of gay singers that made me want in his pants. except for the first one.. also, skip if you don't undesrtand or care for spanish songs. )

really, sometimes i wish i was born a man if only to make a pass at some of this guys.

also, there are missing the gay english singers i am in love with. we will skip the japanese, since the title of this journal says enough about it.

and to finish this entry a gift of kame:

kjdioqwjeioqw, i am really screwed.


Mar. 20th, 2010 08:31 pm
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i want to try this again

it's been a long time since i've kept a journal. and i'm not talking about flimsy, uneven and fangirl post on computer. to be quite honest to my self, i wrote more and better when i kept a journal. i still have the unfinished notebook somewhere in the mess i call my room.

i stopped doing it at the time because i got frustrated about how all i wrote about was oh, please let me die already. or how much i've missed zaphiro, nee-san, seiya, dymi, sirent, leo, lenny,  jen, jenny, jennipher and I'M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE. I'M GONNA HURT SO DEEP YOU'LL NEVER FILL IN THE VOID I'LL CARVE INTO YOUR SOUL, I HATE YOU HATE YOU HATE YOU, JUST YOU WAIT I'LL GET MY REVENGE. I'LL MAKE YOU SUFFER SO MUCH YOU'LL WISH TO BE DEAD BUT I'LL LET YOU LIVE. LIVE AND CRY IN HOPELESSNESS LIKE HOW YOU'VE LEFT ME.

even in this space i tend to mention them, but imagine every entry talking about the hopelessness and uncertainty about the future. the bleakness of tomorrow when i just discovered death had robbed of my most precious loves. i hated myself. hated the person that imprinted into paper feelings so dark and despairing in lively colors. i wanted to forget, but i could only remember.

even now, i'm not past those feelings. sometimes i want to sit and cry until i've run out of tears. but then, there are those little excerpts full of beautifully tinted heartbreak. and even when it hurts, i get a little proud. did i really just wrote that?

i want to get that back. the feeling of being able to express myself. i want that back.

also, appropriate song is appropriate

also, happy birthday, sato takeru.
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why is it that everything i want is not sold in Mexico, why?

see the pretty? ok, so i know is not the most amazing mp3 player, but i want it so bad. and it's perfect for what i need, since is bothersome to carry a usb cable around for a cellphone and i don't have a memory stick anymore, so i'll kill two birds with a stone, music + memory stick + 8gb = happy me. BUT IT IS NOT SOLD WHERE I LIVE, NOT EVEN ONLINE, URGH! and the store, which is the cheapest around (it's a sale!) says no to shipping outside USA.


EDIT: i am willing to wire money if someone gets it for me, pretty please? this someone has to live in USA, though
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i really really really want this:

i'm told it is sold on CVS stores? wondering if someone could buy them for me? since i can't find them in Mexico. of course, i'll cover any expenses and stuff. just, i really want the second brush from left to right, so anybody willing to do me this bignormous favor? pretty please?
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so, first of all let's welcome [profile] silver_ryu and [ profile] grapewhine to the flist yo!, my new trophies additions after these two comment threads, respectively.

as some of you may have noticed, i tend to send comments in my post since i'm too lazy to go and reply on your entries, so please bear with me. and if you don't like it, ell and i'll remove you from here or something

to [profile] silver_ryu , i knew there was a reason why i feared your lj, even if it's just your work related one. i ended up being all @w@ after i went to see who was [ profile] deltadedirac. also, i just noticed you're from spain. así que tambien hablas español?

to [ profile] grapewhine , i went and decided to steal this link outta your lj because jin quotes are awesome. also, hope your familiar situation gets better (though i'm not sure what was the problem), and if not, ey! as you said, there's always the option of moving out. ::wink, wink::

to [ profile] koneho , you write like this and expect me to believe your normal? sorry, but not happening. ok, leaving that aside, i tend to forget that outside the internet people have real normal lives, not that you're abnormal or something. most of your post are cheery, so reading a post about your current rl problems is what threw me off. with this i'm not saying i'm gonna defriend you or anything, because those actually make me learn something about the real you, and even when it sometimes might throw me off, it also makes me sympathize with you in some level, i'm glad we're friends. i'm also glad my babble tends to at least make you laugh. so ::hugs:: hope your situation improves.

to ashi, i'll miss you, come back soon and bring lots of fic XP ::is bricked::.

to cookie, please get better soon. i miss your posts even when i don't understand an iota of russian XP

i think i'm forgetting lot of someones, but maybe i actually commented on your lj so as to not send you a comment in my own entry?

so, guys, guys ::flais:: i just discovered haruna ai is a transexual.


really now, what would make you think this is nothing but a woman?


fuck, i knew japanese men make for absolutely gorgeus women, i'm kinda sad he's prettier than me. and let's not forget about the jealousness she inspires in me (btw, does anyone know if this arashi episode has been subbed and where could i watch/download it?). his/her discography in here. and if you download it, mind telling me if it's any good?


and because this is getting too long, let's finish with this:

credit:[ profile] chrisrenheb

vampire!kame. so, anyone willing to write me a little something about this? someone? no? well, it was worth a shot. good night flist!


Oct. 5th, 2009 09:59 pm
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this time, we will talk about the drama i've watched lately. so first, those i've already finished.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji.- .... i must say, i don't like this drama. there were hot ikemen, because hello hiro and takeru, but that's pretty much everything that hooked me up. you'll notice i didn't like this for the sole point of not remembering the character's names when i saw this merely a month ago. to me, it did not leave an impression, except for takeru. i liked takeru's character a lot and was sorely disappointed when he did not get the girl. he was funny and warm, had a short temper but he brought out a lot from mei's character, so japan, you fail for sending takeru to London. i did not like lucia-sama. mostly because she did not fit in there. she was too old for my taste, but... oh well. it's not as if i haven't seen 20 years old play highschoolers, but there was something so wrong about her in this, idek what. also, hiro's pants. i hate hiro's pants. the cut was so weird and it only looked good when he had his coat on, but everytime he took it off i was all ...  :|  .- i kinda liked the ep when the genius kid tried to spend a day away from the school. i quite liked the plot in that part. i also liked the ninja's character, umi or something, her story was touching.

MR. BRAIN.- klasjdlkasjd am i the only one that liked this?¡ though, well, after enjoying galileo, i'm not all that surprised, since i like this kind of plots... sometimes and far in between. and also, kimutaku \o/ what i did not like, however, is how inconclusive the ending felt. not only because of the open ending but because hirosue ryoko did not appear again after ep 1. that's what i've been more miffed about. D: i keep hoping for a special or something, because i can't help but feel as if ryoko has something to do to unravel some kind of plot in this series... though maybe that is just me.

Kami no Shizuku.- \o/ I FINALLY FINISHED IT YAY! so i can burn it now and get it out of my hd to create space =D. as i've mentioned before, i liked this in the way i like to learn new things and ::gasp:: i did learn a little about wine. though i may never taste it. at least not until i'm far far away from home where mom can't see me. i'm not going to say it enraptured me, but it was kinda funny and i can't seem to really dislike any kame drama, because, hello, this has kame in it and i'm a sucker for kame. still, it made me embarrassed to listen kame said "Mezame wo, Bacchus" or every time Issei went "Aaaaaah" or "Oooooooh". but the impression it left me with was LOL awkward hug is awkward. like, miyavi runs to shizuku and first she raises her arms and for a moment she doubts, because kame also raises his arms and she ends up hugging him by the waist and just lol about it. i kinda liked the confession, even if i think there's no future for this pairing, because even the hug was mostly like a brotherly hug. i liked kame the little tease not saying anything directly. it was quite funny. also, it surprised me how much Issei changed with a smile.

and now, what i have not finished.

Buzzer Beat.- i finally cracked under the peer pressure exuded from my flist with all those post about it... and ended up watching the ten ep hardsubbed in two days. i quite like this one. specially for cuddle-time. it's always heart warming watching all the cuddling there is in this drama. what astounds me is... when naoki hugged/kissed natsuki, he felt so detached. but when he hugged/kissed riko, it was like he was another person entirely. idk if this is thanks to the drama director and his awesome direction skills or that old rumor about yamaki/keiko dating once upon a time. it certainly adds fuel to the fire, because when i watch them, i see two people comfortable with each other. like, when naoki first kisses riko, his kiss felt like falling back into old habits. idk, i felt weird about it. they truly felt like a couple. maybe that's what throws me off, since i'm getting accustomed at japan not letting actors kiss/touch.

Kamen Rider Den-O .- just because this has 49 and two movies and idk how many specials ere i can watch behind the scenes and making offs and, have i mentioned i liked sato takeru before? he's quite cute and my favorite imagin is forever Ryuutaros, though i'm all ............... when he begins dancing and how people just appear out of nowhere dancing too. i'm also planning on watching kamen rider kiva after i finish this. and no, i can't believe it either.

what i want to watch next.

Tokyo Friends. i watched like the first 15 min. on mysoju and i liked this one a lot. so i went and downloaded the ost. i'm still looking for a harsubbed avi version of this drama, but it seems there are only softsubs out for this one  ::pouts:: if someone on my flist knows where i could find it, can i have a link?

Rookies. satoh takeru. enough said.

something with hirosue ryoko in it. any reccs? i've watched summer snow, moto kare, slow dance, and that's pretty much it, but i really like her and hope someone can direct me towards something of her.

ah~ this ended up being all about drama. maybe tomorrow i'll post about how was it my first day at the Procuraduría Agraria

good dreams ::waves::


Sep. 19th, 2009 09:55 am
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fuck i go to sleep and wake up to fin jin naked pic. idk if it's the best morning or the worst

have a link

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or not even school made me feel like this, all hollow and tired of living. but that's not here not there.

ah~ i haven't answered properly to the f-list. sorry guys, i've felt shitty since i've come back from the hospitals, so my comments sound kinda soulless. today i began commenting again, but it still lacks something, idk what.

things to do:

1. find a job
2. write something for jehols
3. comment on the f-list
4. sleep

i'll do the sleeping thing after i add some links. like this fabulous interview. kattun, i don't know how many times i've said it, but please, don't you ever change. ever.

and as always, only to keep track of it, a link to the newest entry of [ profile] punkroxta. because pretty art is pretty. and i like the third and last ones the best. though jin babbling is pretty too.

and speaking of photos, this:

jin's face, why does it look like he's gonna cry? i know, the weirdest things get to me. credits to... idk, i took this one from akameaday or however that comm is called. my coherence, pretty much non-existent at the moment

and as i'm sharing things i don't have the remote idea where i got from, here, a pretty kame gift:

have i ever told you how much i love kame on this pv? his childish wonderment and the underlying sadness and just everything. i remember watching it the first time and trying to guess who was who and keep thinking, 'something's wrong here. they feel like incomplete. who's that one again?' and then finding out jin was not there in the first place. ah~ don't you feel all </3 when watching it every time? as if something is missing. well, of course something's missing, jin was on la. but the first time i watched it i didn't know jin was missing, i didn't even know who was who at the time, but how still something still felt amiss. ah~ i'm rambling.

speaking of akame, does anyone know where can i find a fic i saw on some comment fic entry, where kame and jin study magic in hogwarts or some castle/school teaching magic and jin jinxes kame into saying the great magnificent somethingsomething jin instead of his name and kame is all grrr, you'll pay for this and then sex ensues with kame being an all out S? dunno why, but really want to reread that one.

been wondering if i should add [ profile] gothicauthor as a friend. i've read some of her entries and doesn't she read awesome? but mostly cool. but i don't know if she'll add me back. i don't even know if i can ask her to add me in the first place. and in the topic of adding friends, when did [profile] camui_eiri locked her lj? mou~ all the pretty fic in her lj that i can't read anymore T______T

also thinking about writing down that pretty nigthmare about the white wolf. just, you know, to keep it somewhere as a reminder of, idk, my childish fears? because you know i'm the kind of person to reread her own entries innumerable times, just because.

totally unrelated, but even though my stomach feels kind full, i want to eat a hamburger, i blame cartoon kattun 122 with all the gian hamburgers and giant curry plates and giant noddles. random lj ads with hamburgers do not help

good night flist- sleep tight?

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i found this link on my flist where it has shiny and completely baka quotes form our sexy hips jin. i was gonna try and see if i could find more, but i got lazy, so i'm just putting this in here to keep track of it.

i can't get over this photo, so obviously, now i'm going to flail over the interview translated over here. omg, i just imagine chibi!kame trying to be cool and, lol, at him being a little genius and fixing up old and broken portable tv to watch porn. porn. kame, how can you make that sound endearing?.... i kinda want fic where jin goes to sleep over at kame's and the two of them huddle under the comforter and watch those late night shows, though that may be a little perverted, because they'll be like 12/14? aksjdkalsd T____T

and then going to his older bro's room to snoop around and being total ninja about it trying to leave everything as if it was never touched and thinking he was all mature about it (i totally did that when i was a kid myself, i remember when i wanted something from my parent's room at dawn and how sometime i had to crawl out of the room not to be found out by mom, who is a light sleeper). just imagine the chibi!akame adventures *____________* those are pretty, pretty images in my head. and the bicycle, kame loving his bicycle because a feeling of having traveled further than anyone else and i've been to that dagashiya, i'll take you there next time


kame, i love love love love love love you, please never change.

and as i'm sharing things that i did not upload/found/translated, what about sharing this lovely lovely links of lovely complex the manga?

let's finish with a meme, say goodbye )
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so, um, yeah, anybody want to make me feel better and write something with this in mind?
you know your inner akame fan girl is just dying too, y/y?
and it help soothe my moodiness and inner angry monster
pretty please?

ps. if you want the doujin you can download here.
and don't forget to comment and thank our lovely lovely scanlators


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