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 nee-san, kame, master, fic, akame

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ok, those were more than five recurring thoughts, kame would have so many tags and the index would be full of smileys and sparkles, but i blame je for that. mnid sharing the tags in your mind?
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 so i got back my computer, after like two months. i'm so utterly happy =D

this year has been busy crazy, i wake up at 8, get to the internship at 9, get out at 3, com home, eat, go out again, be it to INAEBA or the high school, get home at 7 if i'm lucky and if not at ten, rinse, sleep, repeat. i don't wanna prepare classes for tomorrow T_________T

the internship is kinda cool, but waking up early is a bitch.

INAEBA work is a hassle, because the office is a fucking mess at the moment. my manager has changed four times in the last month and today i got shocked because they told me i would get assigned to new communities so all my non-paid work for the last two months can go fuck itself. yes, i'm mad about this and monday i'm gonna bitch about it to the coordinator. 

the highschool work is kinda ok, kinda not. so, i kinda know english, i'm good at grammar, my pronunciation still sucks, but i'm getting better (internet how you save me so ♥) but i understand what i'm talking about. even so, the academic teacher, who's in charge of the subject is worse than me and he's supposed to have a degree to back him up, but i can't say anything since he's been teaching there for like seven years, but having to apply to the students the exams he makes is a pain the ass, since you know, his grammar sucks. even plain old me didn't get half the exams. i wonder if i should be worried for my work since i have like a hundred students and only the third passed, and i'm not talking about flying colors either ::sighs:: though all of them told me from the beginning they didn't like english, so maybe it's just that they're blocking themselves from learning.- and let's face it, students are really conniving and procrastinators (been there done that), but it's ridiculous how they keep telling me i should teach them like the old teacher. can you all be more childish? hat's plain stupid, they almost literally told me "i don't learn because you don't teach me like my old teacher. also, you don't have leader skills, so that's why i don't pay you any attention nor do i take you seriously"

leaving that aside and talking about enjoyable things, OMFG KATTUN NEW SINGLE (yes i know i'm hopelessly late to the party, but i don't care) LKASJDOIAJWQOEDKASMNCLASI. I LOVE EVERY FUCKING SECOND OF THE D-MOTION, OVERUSED AUTOTUNE AND ALL, I LOVE IT SO FUCKING MUCH. also, aishiteru kara, aishiteru kara, kame kame kame kame kame have i told you how much I FUCKING LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL AND JUST EVERYTHING, YOU MADE ME CREEPY FOR AN IDOL, THAT WAS FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE IN MY BOOKS BEFORE I KNEW YOU EXISTED, PLEASE DON'T EVER CHANGER. NEVER EVER. and i'm totally behind on yamanade, but i love love love love it to pieces, (though i don't get the opening, but who cares, kame adorably clueless and dense and CROSS DRESSING, if that's NOT HOT i don't know what is, i loved him in his seifuku. i might have realized i even have a thing for kame in girl seifuku, just ♥♥♥♥♥♥.

Kanjani's Christmas single it's also pure love. i love Ryo, but that's for another post.

as i've been outta lj for the last month and i might have bypassed lotsa things on my super fast peruse of the flist, i'll ask to kind souls to please send me links of awesome downloadable things. specially yamanade. and jin's concert rips would be awesome too, i know they're out there somewhere, but i can't get to them DDD=

to A.RA.SHE XP happy belated birthday, and if this weekend i have time to breathe i'll scrunch up something for you. if not, at least let's chat. i miss you lots and lots. for real face.

to kon-awesome-is-my-surname, let's see how long it takes me then to send you the gift i picked up. i still need to send it for engraving ToT and polishing.

to cookie, just wondering if you send that card or if it was you i asked for a christmas card, cos it hasn't arrived and it seems like an awful lot of time since christmas. if you weren't able to send it, it's alright, just wanted to know if i should stop hoping.

god, i missed akame, what's going on with them?


peace and out. have fun going out while i prepare classes for tomorrow 



Sep. 19th, 2009 09:55 am
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fuck i go to sleep and wake up to fin jin naked pic. idk if it's the best morning or the worst

have a link

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i think it just made my night, ok?

LOL chibi!kattun singing one of gackt's songs. i just... ::speechless::

i blame ueda for this one

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ok, so maybe not.

looks like the hate meme has already left lots of casualties. mostly in the wake of butthurt people with adolescent  and hypocritical whims. i'm kinda wondering if i'm too old to being in fandom, though i know there must be people older than 23.

i just finished reading this and some days ago i read on [ profile] trivialaffair 's lj how people were actually insulted about her getting lots of comments in her fics. i mean, what?   o.O?

getting back to [ profile] gothicauthor 's rant, news fandom and kat-tun fandom seem to be in the verge of declaring war. i'ts kind of sad since i really like news and i really love kat-tun. i don't understand the point in getting riled up for fic. i mean, it's fiction, it's not true and fic should be enjoyed and funny and crack and a way to pass time, not something to throw out there to insult other people.

there's something i simpathyse with kat-tun fans, though. news fans have been depicting kat-tun as a divided and full of hatred group. peole tend to stereotype people, but if you do, then there's no point in getting mad when someone else does it to you. that only makes you a hypocrite. also, what's the point of fighting over japanese boys bands? it's not like they're yours to begin with.

authors characterize the boys as they see fit, that's why they are the authors. everyone has a different opinion about how one of the boys is going to react to a certain situation and they're entitled to it, that's why no one has the right to badmouth other peoples opinions or works. and, really, only yamapi would know how yamapi acts, the same way only kame would know how kame would act.

kat-tun fandom has been very mature about this, since they've been reading a lot of fic saying kat-tun are mean and hate each other only because they don't fondle each other on stage (and that's debatable, i mean, kame has a tendency to be all touchy-feely whenever).

as a fan of both groups, koneho's fic appeared to me as something of good taste (the only thing that was omited was how shige's mom seemed to be the connection between all news mothers, but it seems she's not a news fan). other than that, it was enjoyable, subtle, non-agresive, and most of all, it was funny. it was a very light, very subtle satire. nothing to be offended over. which is something i cannot say about some news authors fics portraying kat-tun.

i don't understand this petty rivalry, or how to try and embellish one group over the other you wank the boys. both groups have certain aspects that make them likeable to certain people. i mean, if people like jin can be all bff-y with pi and ryo, or how maru is totally fond of massu, why can't the fans get along peacefully?

please, do grow up

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found this in the morning and can't get over it. kattun, all of you are awesome.

i kinda want to research Oda Nobunaga if only to know why Kame is so fond of him. i'm also thinking about adding some icons. like one of kame and one of jin, because askdjaklsdj, there are so many wonderful icons out there only that i'm too lazy to peruse the net for them XD

i've had a headache for a while now and i feel real tired. but have difficulty to sleep.

i also have nothing to write that i actually want t write. may try to update. maybe.

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i remembered that after watching something kattun related, i have this urge to post... only that i never do it. so, i just finished watching the making of video of RESCUE. awesome song and awesome dancing and i really really liked the part where everyone was making a lot of mistakes and whining because of it and how in junno's case it was the dancer that made all the mistakes, how the dancer complimented junno and how he  took it like, yeah, i know. he really has a lot of self-confidence, ne? it makes me envious. also also, when koki is all: shall i wait for taguchi? i might wait for taguchi at home. i'll just lie around waiting for him.  and then, do you remember? kame's solo at the queen of pirates con, the photo of those two topless! i'm tempted to look for some koki/junno fics now.

nakamaru's part still makes me lol!

it was cute that nobody got mad at kame when he made a mistake but made a fuss when everybody else did. also, the way jin called koki's name all sweet like and then dragged him to the set by force. hahaha!

i liked this pv better than one drop. i still like one drop's lyrics better though. though the lipsync lets too much to desire. ah~ the making of was really short this time, though. nande?

watching slow dance. awesome drama. i want to rewatch orange days. also, i want to rewatch you've got mail after reading the akame fic with that plot. a little grammar mistakes here and there, but all in all i really liked what the author made with it. hope she gets to write more akame!

about real life, i haven't studied for that exam. and i have one week and a half to read 5 books. i suck.... but i wonder, ne, if i should even try at all. maybe i should stop dreaming?
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first of all:



that said, and for lack of nothing better to do, i'm going to write pointless thing that have meaning to me.

things i want to watch/need to finish watching (i.e.: obviously drama. and the odd american show) )
things i want to read, but i'm too lazy to write myself )
things i want to write )

wow, this is longer than i expected. has anyone read it all?
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I have nothing to say, really, except that wherever you are, I wish you the best.
You have made me cry and laugh and think about you A LOT.
I know we'll never meet, but I hope that everything goes your way, that your work and hopes won't go to waste, that you fight for what you believe in and that you'll reach your dreams..
Jin, I wish you  happiness and a long life.
I hope you find the love you wish for, that you cherish everything and everyone you hold dear and that those that hold you dear cherish you the same way.
Happy birthday Jin
Thank you for all you've made me feel
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So, yesterday I went with my parents to Leon. I was gonna buy shoes, but I ended up not buying anything as always, even when i spent hours perusing shops.
Have I ever told you I hate going shopping? 
But that's not the point. The point is, when I was ridding the bus (at rush hour, too. Everyone was going to school/wrok/nowhere) and there was this young man.
Do you remenber Koki in Real Face time? Well, I was two meters away from the mexican version of Koki!!!
They looked so alike, even at the plucked eyebrows, his nose, his lips, his build, the bouzu style.EVERYTHING! I kept wondering if I could get away with asking him if he knew by any chance about KAT-TUN. God, I wanted so much to take a photo with my cell, but Mom was beside me and that would be just awkward. 
Though I still acted like a freak and kept sneaking peeks at him with a surely creepy smile on my face (do you know the word subtle? I can't say I did at that moment)
Aaaaaah! Now I just keep thinking, "If I only could meet the mexican version of Kame or Jin or Yamapi" but I'm not much hopeful about it. I still wish it, though.
But that would be awkward, ne. Imagine him asking me "So what atracted you to me?" and I answering along the lines of "Well, you really look like one of the japanese boys I tend to fangirl about" and him being somethng like "... What?" 
... Yeah.
I almost-but-not-quite met the look alike of Tanaka Koki. I wonder if he has a friend that looks like Kame or Maru and is all guei with him. That'd be awesome.
In other things, and in the topic of gueiness, I read this old entry in kattunlove about akame rabu.
All fangirls that commented go along the lines of "They're not gay and I wouldnt want them to be gay, but OMGthefanservice, the slash the porn"
There's something I believe too. I don't think there is only friendship love (I should know, I've been over the same boat). the body language, the awkwardness, the ignoring-on-purpose, the sneaking glances and just everything akame, I think. Sometimes I'm watching some kattun clip an there's something so deep, so pure and raw and it HURTS to feel it and not knowing or, worst, that they don't know it.
I've never though about it all on the grounds of "soulmates" but it somehow fits. 
Also, getting worked up for people I won't ever meet is creeping me out, so I'll stop.


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