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cookie tagged me and so now you'll suffer from another inconsequential post  =Dy

Meme Rules:

A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screencapture of your desktop. It is best that no icons will be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun.

B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of icons. Things like that.

C. Tag five of your friends.

so, um yeah. i have no icons in my desktop and no, i'm not cheating. i really don't like them getting in the way of my pretty kame wallpapers. sometimes i have akame too. or jin alone. but mostly kame. if you're wondering, no, this is not mine. idr who made it though <winces> i'm really bad at giving credit. please to forgive me awesome graphics OTZ.

the reason why i choose this wallpaper is because after seeing it come up in my flist inner was "my feelings made into a sizable wallpaper with pretty hot asian obsession, me wants" so i grabbed it and put it on my desktop as a point. what that point is exactly i'm not sure. only my feelings portrayed by a hot asian male. it even has the same mantra i've been screaming for years in my darkest moments! ... or, you know, something.

as i don't have icon on desktop to tarnish the amazing view, you'll notice i have a lot of shortcuts to my most used applications on the toolbar. it makes it easier since i can change the icons to differentiate. as previously stated i have the olive green version of windows which is so much more pleasant than the lunawhatchamacallit blue one.

so, tagging, ok. i choose <s>pikachu!</s> [ profile] koneho [ profile] akanishe [ profile] pipsqueaks [ profile] flamesword and [ profile] silver_ryu but if you don't it's cool too.

now i'll go turn off bro's pc while mine turns off too.
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ok, that's a lie. i got amazing twitters messages saying happy birthday and even a banner, and just because this must be preserved, here:

i feel llike i just won something amazing when i see that pic, and it makes me go all =DDDDDDDD

i also got fluffy akame fic wrote by She. yeah you read right, She wrote me fluff here. an then she wrote an entry in her journal to wish me a happy birthday with the amazing title: Reincarnated cyborgs from the future and hot steamy wolf boys.  i must be honest and say that i opened that entry just because the amazing title. in fact, She just made me happy with a tittle and i would have been silly grin happy just with that tittle as a present i'm not lying. though i don't begrudge more fluffy akame fic. just saying. ;P

i am all smug and preening like a smug preen-y person. i'm also incoherent. i blame my cold, the meds and my rollercoster emotional draining worry for my computer. yes, my computer. i don't know how i did it, but i think i fixed it.... but now i have to configure it all. again. thanks to y brother impatience to go see his gf.

WOULD HAVE BEEN SO HARD TO HAVE WAITED FOR TEN MINUTES MORE AND NOT  UNPLUG THE DAMN CONTRAPTION OUTTA MY JUST FIXED REALLY OLD COMPUTER? WOULD IT? god, just thinking about it makes me mad again. i'm more mellow now, but i blame my sickness for that too. and let's not forget my pained muscles thanks to kickboxing.

so, the point of this entry was to say:

1. yamapi, i did not forget your birthday, my computer was with the tech guy getting fixed. love, k

2. my birthday was a mess, but i still received all the pretty comments/wishes and felt sparkly, even if it was just a second before my pc crashed down and i got really mad and almost cried, but i really really really appreciated all your efforts in making me feel loved, because i really felt loved and guys, akamerars and those just kattun fans on my flist, thank you so much.

3. it was also domoto tsuyoshi's birthday. i miss your music, please to release a new album

4. i somehow managed to fix my pc. me = happy

5.  having to reconfigure pc's a drag

6. i need to go and help mother with house chores or she'll kill me. mood : disgruntled

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 nee-san, kame, master, fic, akame

.... kame, jin, music, kattun, dorama, dreams, wish i could write like that, wolfboy, wolves, stress, i need to clean my room, kame, jin, tiredtired, kame, kame in drag, kame smiling, kame talking, kame shy, kame, kame, kame, why do je boys are prettier than me?, love on kame, i need a new compu, i don't have money, kame exists, jin, jin is a baka, why are there so little akame fics lately?, kame and jin in some tv show, new single/album yay! \o/, have to wake up early, stop procrastinating, music, kame, i love this song, nightmares are cool.... sometimes, jin is such a dork, jfiojwejañfeiofahopfejisdvkjsdjsdopewf so pretty! *___________*, i miss akame, everybody do the d-motion~, ooooooh, shiny!, akame is hot, kame is hotter, i really really really want to go to japan, i need a better job, i miss master, zaphiro no baka!, and master said: shop their heads off!.... ok, it didn't go like that, news, arashi, yamapi walks funny, twitter is fun, jin jin jin jin, i need to lear all the names of my flist, like really XP, why jennipher, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? T__________T, kame i love thee! life is hard... dakara happy?, why so difficult, yo? i need more koki-zen teachings, love on the flist, kame so cute, why can i keysmash like the cool kids? akame is as awesum fandom, delusion is a mastery,hands get weak and knees give out,  gackt's voice makes me go kyaa!, i love hyde's voice, i need more l'arc en ciel in my life, i need to fix my hd, i miss all my music, downloading~, la lala lalalala~, kamerars unite!, kame is pretty, i cried and set aside for a bitch that lied, bff ftw, seiya where are thou?, lj why so boring tonight?.....

ok, those were more than five recurring thoughts, kame would have so many tags and the index would be full of smileys and sparkles, but i blame je for that. mnid sharing the tags in your mind?
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so, i don't really want to update about myself a the moment, but i need somewhere to put some links before i delete opera from my pc. is just really slowing down my  pc, so say good bye.

also, don't you all love when is kame or jin's birthdays? because, fuck, so many pretty and shinny and akame things. here some examples:

the awesome kame love post that kills your bandwidth 

so many shinnies, really ~*_____________________*~

we also have banner proclaiming our kame love

we also got icons, lots and lots of awesome kame icons. jashduasdqwk, why do i only have space for 15? why, jennipher, whyyyyyyyy? T____________T    and let's not forget the gifts.

in the akame corner, we also got lovely akame copy-cat fashion

so. um, none of this post were made by me, but by awesome kame fans to which i owe my constant kame feed. i'm only putting up link here for prosperity. good night

p.s. ashi, i owe an explanation or comment or answer. my next post will hopefully answer your inquiries. thank you for worrying about me, you are a lovely lovely person. also, even if you see me offline on ym, try to contact me, i might be ninja!online, trying to not be found by some people i can't find in myself to block from rl
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 you'd think after two years of doing this i'll have something prepared for it. a fic, a graphic, a poem, a quot, a song, something. but alas, life tends to suck the, well, life outta me.

i actually don't know how you manage so much in so little time. it leaves me in awe how amazing you are, you're hard working character, your smile, how you've become so comfortable in your own skin. there's really lots of things to learn from you.

happy birthday, Kamenashi Kazuya. i say this every year, but i really hope you have a long and enjoyable life, which i'm sure you will, because you're you, and that's reason enough for me to love you, thank you for existing
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 so i got back my computer, after like two months. i'm so utterly happy =D

this year has been busy crazy, i wake up at 8, get to the internship at 9, get out at 3, com home, eat, go out again, be it to INAEBA or the high school, get home at 7 if i'm lucky and if not at ten, rinse, sleep, repeat. i don't wanna prepare classes for tomorrow T_________T

the internship is kinda cool, but waking up early is a bitch.

INAEBA work is a hassle, because the office is a fucking mess at the moment. my manager has changed four times in the last month and today i got shocked because they told me i would get assigned to new communities so all my non-paid work for the last two months can go fuck itself. yes, i'm mad about this and monday i'm gonna bitch about it to the coordinator. 

the highschool work is kinda ok, kinda not. so, i kinda know english, i'm good at grammar, my pronunciation still sucks, but i'm getting better (internet how you save me so ♥) but i understand what i'm talking about. even so, the academic teacher, who's in charge of the subject is worse than me and he's supposed to have a degree to back him up, but i can't say anything since he's been teaching there for like seven years, but having to apply to the students the exams he makes is a pain the ass, since you know, his grammar sucks. even plain old me didn't get half the exams. i wonder if i should be worried for my work since i have like a hundred students and only the third passed, and i'm not talking about flying colors either ::sighs:: though all of them told me from the beginning they didn't like english, so maybe it's just that they're blocking themselves from learning.- and let's face it, students are really conniving and procrastinators (been there done that), but it's ridiculous how they keep telling me i should teach them like the old teacher. can you all be more childish? hat's plain stupid, they almost literally told me "i don't learn because you don't teach me like my old teacher. also, you don't have leader skills, so that's why i don't pay you any attention nor do i take you seriously"

leaving that aside and talking about enjoyable things, OMFG KATTUN NEW SINGLE (yes i know i'm hopelessly late to the party, but i don't care) LKASJDOIAJWQOEDKASMNCLASI. I LOVE EVERY FUCKING SECOND OF THE D-MOTION, OVERUSED AUTOTUNE AND ALL, I LOVE IT SO FUCKING MUCH. also, aishiteru kara, aishiteru kara, kame kame kame kame kame have i told you how much I FUCKING LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL AND JUST EVERYTHING, YOU MADE ME CREEPY FOR AN IDOL, THAT WAS FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE IN MY BOOKS BEFORE I KNEW YOU EXISTED, PLEASE DON'T EVER CHANGER. NEVER EVER. and i'm totally behind on yamanade, but i love love love love it to pieces, (though i don't get the opening, but who cares, kame adorably clueless and dense and CROSS DRESSING, if that's NOT HOT i don't know what is, i loved him in his seifuku. i might have realized i even have a thing for kame in girl seifuku, just ♥♥♥♥♥♥.

Kanjani's Christmas single it's also pure love. i love Ryo, but that's for another post.

as i've been outta lj for the last month and i might have bypassed lotsa things on my super fast peruse of the flist, i'll ask to kind souls to please send me links of awesome downloadable things. specially yamanade. and jin's concert rips would be awesome too, i know they're out there somewhere, but i can't get to them DDD=

to A.RA.SHE XP happy belated birthday, and if this weekend i have time to breathe i'll scrunch up something for you. if not, at least let's chat. i miss you lots and lots. for real face.

to kon-awesome-is-my-surname, let's see how long it takes me then to send you the gift i picked up. i still need to send it for engraving ToT and polishing.

to cookie, just wondering if you send that card or if it was you i asked for a christmas card, cos it hasn't arrived and it seems like an awful lot of time since christmas. if you weren't able to send it, it's alright, just wanted to know if i should stop hoping.

god, i missed akame, what's going on with them?


peace and out. have fun going out while i prepare classes for tomorrow 

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though i should.

so, was watching this vid. 2005, akame. good vintage XP

and then, you see, after how hin and kame hold pinkies, hoe they're the first to separate, and how kame does pointedly not look back at jin, though jin kept watching him walk away. makes one go aww.

and because jin talking about kame makes me always go doki-doki, here:

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you know how i can't help myself when akame is involved, so no matter i already shared on twitter, i love this pic SO FUCKING HARD (no pun intended)

no ljcut because this shouldn't be hidden.

also, hoping so really much for this prompt to be written.
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instead i bring 1582 kame pics that shallowsleep shared on twitter and made us pronounce ourselves as ridiculous kametards. never have i felt more proud to be called that =D


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