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wow, it's almost the end of the month and i just noticed i haven't updated at all and well, i don't really wanna rn.

i'm still kinda blank faced about the jin thing that must not be named less i start bawling, only i can't and that makes it all the more ;_______;

and i'm kinda miffed you know, because i had kinda planned how to spend my two week vacation only that the day i got outta court SOMEONE DECIDES TO ANNOUNCE HE WON'T BE COMING BACK TO KATTUN, COULDN'T YOU AT LEAST HAVE WAITED UNTIL WORK WAS BURYING ME UNDER PAPERWORK TO DO IT, DAMNIT!!!!

but that is not here not there. i don't intend to make this entry all woe-is-me, because a lot of people have already done it and i think [ profile] gothicauthor explained the practical part of all this better than anyone can ever do it here.

either way, the point is  guys i'm getting a box at the post office and i intend to get my money worth back, so people who want to be penpals with me, please to PM your address =D
yes, i put the point in bold letters so as to make you read it.

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 so i got back my computer, after like two months. i'm so utterly happy =D

this year has been busy crazy, i wake up at 8, get to the internship at 9, get out at 3, com home, eat, go out again, be it to INAEBA or the high school, get home at 7 if i'm lucky and if not at ten, rinse, sleep, repeat. i don't wanna prepare classes for tomorrow T_________T

the internship is kinda cool, but waking up early is a bitch.

INAEBA work is a hassle, because the office is a fucking mess at the moment. my manager has changed four times in the last month and today i got shocked because they told me i would get assigned to new communities so all my non-paid work for the last two months can go fuck itself. yes, i'm mad about this and monday i'm gonna bitch about it to the coordinator. 

the highschool work is kinda ok, kinda not. so, i kinda know english, i'm good at grammar, my pronunciation still sucks, but i'm getting better (internet how you save me so ♥) but i understand what i'm talking about. even so, the academic teacher, who's in charge of the subject is worse than me and he's supposed to have a degree to back him up, but i can't say anything since he's been teaching there for like seven years, but having to apply to the students the exams he makes is a pain the ass, since you know, his grammar sucks. even plain old me didn't get half the exams. i wonder if i should be worried for my work since i have like a hundred students and only the third passed, and i'm not talking about flying colors either ::sighs:: though all of them told me from the beginning they didn't like english, so maybe it's just that they're blocking themselves from learning.- and let's face it, students are really conniving and procrastinators (been there done that), but it's ridiculous how they keep telling me i should teach them like the old teacher. can you all be more childish? hat's plain stupid, they almost literally told me "i don't learn because you don't teach me like my old teacher. also, you don't have leader skills, so that's why i don't pay you any attention nor do i take you seriously"

leaving that aside and talking about enjoyable things, OMFG KATTUN NEW SINGLE (yes i know i'm hopelessly late to the party, but i don't care) LKASJDOIAJWQOEDKASMNCLASI. I LOVE EVERY FUCKING SECOND OF THE D-MOTION, OVERUSED AUTOTUNE AND ALL, I LOVE IT SO FUCKING MUCH. also, aishiteru kara, aishiteru kara, kame kame kame kame kame have i told you how much I FUCKING LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL AND JUST EVERYTHING, YOU MADE ME CREEPY FOR AN IDOL, THAT WAS FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE IN MY BOOKS BEFORE I KNEW YOU EXISTED, PLEASE DON'T EVER CHANGER. NEVER EVER. and i'm totally behind on yamanade, but i love love love love it to pieces, (though i don't get the opening, but who cares, kame adorably clueless and dense and CROSS DRESSING, if that's NOT HOT i don't know what is, i loved him in his seifuku. i might have realized i even have a thing for kame in girl seifuku, just ♥♥♥♥♥♥.

Kanjani's Christmas single it's also pure love. i love Ryo, but that's for another post.

as i've been outta lj for the last month and i might have bypassed lotsa things on my super fast peruse of the flist, i'll ask to kind souls to please send me links of awesome downloadable things. specially yamanade. and jin's concert rips would be awesome too, i know they're out there somewhere, but i can't get to them DDD=

to A.RA.SHE XP happy belated birthday, and if this weekend i have time to breathe i'll scrunch up something for you. if not, at least let's chat. i miss you lots and lots. for real face.

to kon-awesome-is-my-surname, let's see how long it takes me then to send you the gift i picked up. i still need to send it for engraving ToT and polishing.

to cookie, just wondering if you send that card or if it was you i asked for a christmas card, cos it hasn't arrived and it seems like an awful lot of time since christmas. if you weren't able to send it, it's alright, just wanted to know if i should stop hoping.

god, i missed akame, what's going on with them?


peace and out. have fun going out while i prepare classes for tomorrow 

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though i should.

so, was watching this vid. 2005, akame. good vintage XP

and then, you see, after how hin and kame hold pinkies, hoe they're the first to separate, and how kame does pointedly not look back at jin, though jin kept watching him walk away. makes one go aww.

and because jin talking about kame makes me always go doki-doki, here:

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you know how i can't help myself when akame is involved, so no matter i already shared on twitter, i love this pic SO FUCKING HARD (no pun intended)

no ljcut because this shouldn't be hidden.

also, hoping so really much for this prompt to be written.
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so, first of all let's welcome [profile] silver_ryu and [ profile] grapewhine to the flist yo!, my new trophies additions after these two comment threads, respectively.

as some of you may have noticed, i tend to send comments in my post since i'm too lazy to go and reply on your entries, so please bear with me. and if you don't like it, ell and i'll remove you from here or something

to [profile] silver_ryu , i knew there was a reason why i feared your lj, even if it's just your work related one. i ended up being all @w@ after i went to see who was [ profile] deltadedirac. also, i just noticed you're from spain. así que tambien hablas español?

to [ profile] grapewhine , i went and decided to steal this link outta your lj because jin quotes are awesome. also, hope your familiar situation gets better (though i'm not sure what was the problem), and if not, ey! as you said, there's always the option of moving out. ::wink, wink::

to [ profile] koneho , you write like this and expect me to believe your normal? sorry, but not happening. ok, leaving that aside, i tend to forget that outside the internet people have real normal lives, not that you're abnormal or something. most of your post are cheery, so reading a post about your current rl problems is what threw me off. with this i'm not saying i'm gonna defriend you or anything, because those actually make me learn something about the real you, and even when it sometimes might throw me off, it also makes me sympathize with you in some level, i'm glad we're friends. i'm also glad my babble tends to at least make you laugh. so ::hugs:: hope your situation improves.

to ashi, i'll miss you, come back soon and bring lots of fic XP ::is bricked::.

to cookie, please get better soon. i miss your posts even when i don't understand an iota of russian XP

i think i'm forgetting lot of someones, but maybe i actually commented on your lj so as to not send you a comment in my own entry?

so, guys, guys ::flais:: i just discovered haruna ai is a transexual.


really now, what would make you think this is nothing but a woman?


fuck, i knew japanese men make for absolutely gorgeus women, i'm kinda sad he's prettier than me. and let's not forget about the jealousness she inspires in me (btw, does anyone know if this arashi episode has been subbed and where could i watch/download it?). his/her discography in here. and if you download it, mind telling me if it's any good?


and because this is getting too long, let's finish with this:

credit:[ profile] chrisrenheb

vampire!kame. so, anyone willing to write me a little something about this? someone? no? well, it was worth a shot. good night flist!

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i kinda suck at being an lj friend, but you knew that already. so, late happy bithday to [ profile] ceathair . hope it was an awesome day for you.

in the topic of birthdays, today's [ profile] hilaryscribbles birthday, so happy birthday to you too ::claps enthusiastically::. we haven't talked much, but the little we have commented on each other has been fun. and, ey! i've managed to greet you on your actual birthday! :)

so, um, update.

what's gone wrong this week:

monday. i got stomach sick thanks to a late dinner consisting on three tacos,
tuesday. i fell on the bathroom and now sport a fading bruise in my foot that hurts everytime i put on my shoes.
wednesday. some idiot gave permission to have a fucking grupero dance that gave into 3 fucking in the morning of the next day. i wanted to kill someone for it (in fact, still want to), since i was just getting my internal clock into proper sleep hours.
thursday. the headache from hell.
friday. my eyes itch and are tired as hell. too many hours online and lack of sleep-
also, not into any particular day, but i didn't get a call from the bank so i guess i didn't get that job. so now i have two options left: a. take any job available whatever the pay and/or kind of job. this way, i won't have any experience on my field, but i'll get money, however little it'd be. b. beg for an internship and not receive any pay whatsoever but get work experience for at least two years.

what's gone passable this week:
sadly, this excerpt will be only filled with fandom centered  things.
1. jin's awesome naked pics. the first time i saw them, i was "... hot". the second time i saw them i was "... i kinda what to see his front". and then i read some entry's comments about how jin fans were all 'i don't like jin anymore because he did naked photos with someone that is not me' (or so it sounded) and i was between "don't i wish i had that body so jin could choose me to pose nude<s>above</s> with him?" and "... fuck. i hate it when i get overly aware of how i don't have the sculptural body of a model" and then "... what are these girls on? not liking jin anymore just because of this? how old are they?" so i decided to be all "...  :| " about it. i'm still gonna download the hq version either way.
i also found this awesome post with awesome naked. i loled at yamapi's naked pics. a lot. oh, the awkward.
2. i'm downloading kamen rider den-o. and enjoying it. a lot. i'm not sure if this is good or bad, so let's got with :| again.
3. been rekindling myself with my old fandoms, since akame has been slow and far in between, like yuffentine and edxwinry. it's been two years since i kinda abandoned them, so a lot of the old school writers (2006-ish) finally finished those long, long, looooong fics with awesome characterization i gushed about. which is the reason why my eyes itch and are sunken and kinda red.

p.s. i haven't written anything for je-hols. actually, i'm in such a depression that i'm actually wondering if i should just give up already


Sep. 19th, 2009 09:55 am
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fuck i go to sleep and wake up to fin jin naked pic. idk if it's the best morning or the worst

have a link

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i found this link on my flist where it has shiny and completely baka quotes form our sexy hips jin. i was gonna try and see if i could find more, but i got lazy, so i'm just putting this in here to keep track of it.

i can't get over this photo, so obviously, now i'm going to flail over the interview translated over here. omg, i just imagine chibi!kame trying to be cool and, lol, at him being a little genius and fixing up old and broken portable tv to watch porn. porn. kame, how can you make that sound endearing?.... i kinda want fic where jin goes to sleep over at kame's and the two of them huddle under the comforter and watch those late night shows, though that may be a little perverted, because they'll be like 12/14? aksjdkalsd T____T

and then going to his older bro's room to snoop around and being total ninja about it trying to leave everything as if it was never touched and thinking he was all mature about it (i totally did that when i was a kid myself, i remember when i wanted something from my parent's room at dawn and how sometime i had to crawl out of the room not to be found out by mom, who is a light sleeper). just imagine the chibi!akame adventures *____________* those are pretty, pretty images in my head. and the bicycle, kame loving his bicycle because a feeling of having traveled further than anyone else and i've been to that dagashiya, i'll take you there next time


kame, i love love love love love love you, please never change.

and as i'm sharing things that i did not upload/found/translated, what about sharing this lovely lovely links of lovely complex the manga?

let's finish with a meme, say goodbye )
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i feel quite angsty. even so, i've been thinking about your birthday all day long and although i'm quite sure you've already partied and enjoyed it quite a lot and did lotsa  things and even if you don't know i exist i stil want to say, happy birthday akanishi jin.

someday i'll be able to make shiny and amajing posts celebating your birthday, so until then, i hope you continue singing and dancing and being you. that's all that matters. so, don't you ever change, we all love yout the way you are

hope you reach a hundred.
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so, akanishi jin.

the first time i saw him was in gokusen. well, not really. after my discovery of kame being in a boy band, i googled kattun and found a link to a youtube video of jin in shounen club singing and dancing "It can't be". i remember LOL-ing so hard. i kept wondering how the girls in the audience found him hot, cause he was so thin, his hips swivels looked so hard and forceful and bruising and kind of vulgar (furthermore proved in the ha-ha video), the dance had nothing to do with the song. i mean, if he was singing about denial of a loved one leaving him for someone else and asking for another chance or something, why was he dancing like a... dunno... slut? his voice, though,  was something i really liked, so i wanted kattun to debut. but as i din't find anything conclusive on that end and as i didn't want to discover later on that they never would, i thought of quitting before investing time and kattun got left behind in my memory bank till 2007 or someting like that, when i began delving more and more inside jdrama.

[i want to make a big parentesis here trying to explain myself. i must say that at this point of my life i was pretty asexual. or naive. i dunno, i think i was more into romance and long lasting relastionships than frugal desires and lust... .or something... i was a pretty weird kid.. i mean a 17 year old not driven by hormones? pretty weird]

so yeah. the first time i watched jin was on gokusen 2. and i wanted more.

hayato. how can i explain hayato. he was rogish, kind of a baka and cute. he was the complete opposite of any man i've ever encountered. he reminded me of seiya. i think the whole reason i love yabuki hayato is because he reminds me a lot of seiya.  plainly said, hayato is a brat. he loses his temper easily and if something doesn't go his way he throws a tantrum and sulks. only that his sulking sessions translate into avoidance and denial and a lot of misplaced anger.

the second time i saw him was in anego. where i saw him cry. i pretty much loved this drama for that sole reason. and shinohara ryoko is a total spaz, so the two of them together? sparkles. even so, kurosawa akihiko is not the sensible, wonderful dream of every woman. i mean, akihiko was pretty shallow (though with the sempai that 'teaches' him the way into the company, i'm not really surprised). he's a playboy, first and foremost. he wants to get some fun since he is young and thinks an affair with an older (and kinda desperate and single) woman is the best way to enjoy it. of course he never really thought of falling in love with anego, but somehow he pushes his feelings on her because his girlfriend broke up with him over the phone. also, the whole marriage proposal? how much of that proposition is because of what he feels and how much is not wanting to go to another country alone? this drama is kind of inconlusive even with the special, because we see anego once again in the whole "i like him but he's so young" dilemma and akihiko going after her like a lost puppy. but most of all, he looked really tired.

the third time was chrishtmas nante dai kirai. where he was a down to earth boy. i don't remember his character name cos i haven't seen this one in years (i'm still looking for HQ subbed vids), but he was my favorite in here. in so far, i think this has been his best work. he felt real, his acting was really truthful and idk how to explain it. i've never really been able to explain akanishi jin. this character was, by far the most mature acting i've seen him in. he was calm and patient, a surge of strength and at the same time a sensible presence to fukada kyoko. he was like, the only thing that anchored to reality.... well, as i remember it, he was like the best person to ever fall in love with.

all his hard work became a thing of the past when he was cast into yukan club. he looked pretty much like an airhead and a spaz, his supposedly high IQ and tinkering with technology not withstanding. i didn't like this drama very much, you see. not even the name of his character.

to me, akanishi jin is desire. this is gonna sound terribly shallow, but he represents lust (yeah, i know, i'm a hypocrite after saying that when i was younger he made me laugh instead of turning me on). i'm not exactly sure how that happened, but somehow he woke inside of me this passion, this raw desire for another human being. his gaze on stage is smoldering, his body is alluring and powerful. he has made a complete whole other persona of himself when singing and performing and you just can watch and be pulled for the ride. for me, this was a breaking point, so to say. i tended to idealize feelings and then i discovered the needs part and it pretty much threw me off.

in the other hand, he does a complete one-eighty in front of a camera. mostly, he's this awkard person, he stutters and trips all over himself and that makes him endearing. now, i've heard the "he's a complete jerk in real life", but i wonder how much of that is his real self and how much is a sefl-defense mechanism to not be swallowed by fame (though i'm sure he's got a lot of rewards from being famous. i mean, he's young, he's handsome, he's rich. lots of pretty girls would give anything for a night with him. hell i would give anything for a night with him and i'm not pretty)

and then he's moody and tight lipped and indifferent and pretty much a blank face. you can almost see the cracks in his persona and it makes you wonder what happened to that boy with the big smile, it makes you wonder if he really wants to be where he is.

and then i see him taking care of babies and god, his expression, the aura of paternality he gives off that makes me want to give him the babies he so craves for (only that, you know, i'm pretty sure he'd never look at me once)


so, that's pretty much it. i'm sure i forgot a lot of things and that this is scattered all over the place, but, well, i never said it made much sense. and how come i couldn't fit in the hate part on this post?


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