Apr. 24th, 2017

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ok, this has been on my mind for a while now, but i need a second opinion, because i truly don't understand.

so, my workplace is a viper's nest and everyone kinda hates everyone, but we have to see each other every day like a dysfunctional family and everyone talks behind each others back. with this backstory though, we have the asshole everyone agrees is just a shitty human being of an asshole. he's racist, misogynist, hypocrite, rude, arrogant, and in general a piece of shit.

here's the thing that astounds me, though. because the woman who sits in the cubicle besides me hates the asshole, actually they don't like each other and talk bad about the other and keep bullying each other ( the asshole is pretty much a dick to everyone, but she is her main target), BUT SHE KEEPS CONFIDING IN HIM ALL HER LIFE TROUBLES. like, she actually asks him what's his opinion on her troubles and what could she do.

this because her workplace BFF stopped talking to her and she doesn't tell me about her troubles (not that i want her to tell me, but...), because, and i quote, she feels like i will only nag her and also because i never tell her anything about myself.

i talking about an independent 38 year old woman that studied law, with a secure job and a teenage daughter and a boyfriend, scared about that i, a 31 year old single woman who still lives with her parents, would nag her, as if i could have any reason to nag her about her life choices, but why, oh why, would someone willingly trust an asshole who keeps putting her down with racist and misogynist comments all day long with all her life troubles because she feels lonely at work? doesn't she have friends she can confide in outside this place?

like, am i wrong to be amazed and confused about it? i just don't get it.


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